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Appropriate teenage dating behavior

He’s so cute and would look great in that red polo shirt, but, you know, he’s really into music also. Somehow you’ve just been placed in the middle of the whole mess! In fact, many of our grandparents were married quite young and began their own families in their latter teenage years.

But nowadays it seems like even little kids are having crushes on both peers and celebrities, and tweens and teens are more actively engaged in the “hunt” for a partner.

Before I elaborate on the cause of my concerns, I should mention that I write this not as a concerned parent, but rather as a male in his late teens describable as anxious and intense.

With this knowledge of the dating scene, why would anyone allow their tween to start dating?

"Teenagers often wonder two things: how to date and what a healthy relationship is," says Jennifer Connolly, Ph D, Director of the La Marsh Centre for Research on Violence and Conflict Resolution at York University.

You are absolutely right that becoming obsessed with girlfriends and becoming possessive and jealous are problems.

Phil says that teenagers, especially younger pre-teens, don’t need to have boyfriends and girlfriends.

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I just read your post from June 14 ("My Daughter's Boyfriend Seems Obsessive") and the original inquiry, as well as your response, concerned me greatly.

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