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This program is about men teaching men how to be more successful with women, not by tricking or deceiving women but by learning how to become more authentic from the inside out. 🙂 Of course to be authentic, you have to do it in the right, socially-prescribed, guru-approved way.

The reason why a lot of women say that they don't want to sleep with men even when they do is because the man doesn't GET IT. A few minutes later, reach over and kiss her again. the details of how to do OTHER, more INTIMATE things. I recommend my online e Book and my Advanced Dating Techniques CD/DVD Program.After a decade’s experience in learning how to attract women, De Angelo knows how guys approach the subject of learning how to be successful with women.Too often he has seen guys take a mental standpoint where they mistake themselves for knowing the information while they don’t put the skills to use.Hi Dave, I just bought the advanced CD series & it's amazing what a difference they make over the book.Being able to listen on the way to work, whilst out doing chores, etc. I can feel the confidence building inside me, it's like my own personal coach.

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Why is this not regularly questioned by conscious people in our personal development community when we claim to investigate “limiting beliefs” and clarify our values on a regular basis?