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Juliette binoche dating

It opens at a retirement party for a longtime mine worker, so we don't miss the Disaster Movie Irony of the old-timer nearly being buried alive on his last shift.

Buried alive, with 32 other guys, but far from dead.

They are four of Hollywood's most glamorous A-list actresses.

Stunning: The Australian actress - who has so far had a busy year with both movie and television work - looked devine in a black strapped bodice.

From there, the movie has nowhere to go but up, even as it relates the often harrowing true story of 33 Chilean miners trapped in the collapse of a gold mine.

The men survive (it was on CNN, people, this is not a spoiler), but the movie itself is almost fatally conventional.

The casting of Oscar-winner Juliette Binoche as Dan's love interest was a superb decision; she is exceptionally talented, intelligent, naturally attractive and, thank goodness, appropriately aged for the part!

Had this movie been made with Jessica Alba or Scarlett Johansson, it would have been a disaster.

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The dark-haired beauty added some sparkle with diamond drop earrings and a diamond and silver cuff.